Vintage Reverse è il nuovo servizio editoriale che la Vintage editore mette a disposizione degli autori italiani e stranieri per vedere le loro opere pubblicate in lingua con la professionalità di una casa editrice.

Vintage Reverse is the new publishing service that Vintage Editore makes available to Italian and foreign authors to see their works published in the same language with the professionalism of a publishing house. 

Se sei un autore italiano e vuoi pubblicare la tua opera in lingua inglese, questo è il servizio che fa per te.

If you want to see your work published in Italian, this is the service for you.
Se sei un autore anglofono e vuoi vedere pubblicato il tuo libro con la nostra casa editrice, questo è il servizio che fa per te.
If you are an English-writing author and you want to see your book published with our publishing house, this is the service for you. 
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Spices & Wishes

Il nostro primo Vintage in lingua Inglese

Vintage Reverse 1 
Autrice: Jane Rose Caruso

This is Miss Garnette Catharine Book’s Secret Diary. A Diary, where we begin to get to know the inhabitants of Beltory County and all the thousand facets. Told in the first person by Miss Book.
Miss Garnette Catharine Book is an extraordinary woman: her delicious dishes have a special power, they cure ailments of the soul. The inhabitants of Beltory, the quiet seaside town where Miss Catharine Book lives, know it very well, that’s why they turn to her when something is wrong: whether it’s tiredness, sadness or affairs of the heart, Miss Garnette Catharine Book will find the solution. with its spices.
Suspicious deaths, broken hearts, surprise visits, special infusions and fragrant cakes are the ingredients of this bizarre and sweet heart cookbook, the first volume of the adventures of Miss Garnette Catharine Book.